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Hushpuppy pictures August 20, 2010

Filed under: Louisiana — waterwalkerla @ 9:23 am

The first time we had hush puppies here was at Shane’s, a restaurant in Shreveport. We liked them so much that we decided to try to make them at home. The first recipe we tried was too dense. Then we found this one and decided to try it. These worked so much better! I made these for dinner on Thursday night to go with our pork. They were great with it! Here’s pictures of the process:

The dry ingredients.

The wet ingredients.

The onion and jalapeno mixture. Make sure your onions and jalapenos  are chopped up really    small so you don’t have big hunks in your hush puppies. This mixture should almost be like a paste.

Adding the dry ingredients.

Mixing the dry ingredients.

The dry ingredient mix with the wet ingredient mixture.

The completely mixed batter.

Waiting for the fryer to heat up.

Putting them in the fryer.

Frying in the fryer.

The first batch from the fryer.

The final result!! Yum!


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