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Donut Hole Pictures September 3, 2010

Filed under: Cooking — waterwalkerla @ 10:16 am

We found a recipe for donuts in a magazine we got in the mail, and we decided to try it. We wanted to do them quickly so we could have them for desert, so instead of donuts, we did donut holes. These are so good! I suggest that you do a batch of two or three to start with, so you know how long they take to cook in your fryer. Be creative! Maybe you could add cocoa powder as the topping, or even into the batter! Don’t be afraid to experiment!

The Ingredients

Making the flour mixture.

Making the flour mixture.

Stirring the flour mixture.

Waiting for the butter to melt.

Mixing the milk and the butter.

The flour mixture, milk mixture, and eggs.

Mixing the eggs and the sugar.

Mixing the milk mixture into the egg mixture.

Mixing the flour  mixture into the egg and milk mixtures.

Putting the donut holes in the fryer.

The donut holes frying.

Cooling, no sugar.

Finished!! Yum!!


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