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Home-cooked Chili pictures November 12, 2010

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This is a dish my dad used to make us all the time during the Michigan winters. Now that we’re in Louisiana, it won’t be that cold, but we still make it just because we love it! Thanks for your help Dad!

Here are the pictures:

The chipotle.

Weighing the ground beef.

The meat and seasonings, browning.

Chopping the onion and pepper.

The meat and vegetables browning

The meat mixture with anchovies.

The meat mix with the tomato paste.

The finished chili!! Enjoy!


One Response to “Home-cooked Chili pictures”

  1. Sarah Taplin Says:

    Hey, Sweetie!
    i was just sitting here with Chrystal and she was saying how she hadn’t really been keeping up with you since you left, so i was showing her your blog! We miss you! Have a great Monday!!

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