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Tis The Season For Holiday Baking:Part 1:Pictures December 17, 2010

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Here is the site where I got the original recipe:

This is my new favorite cookie! I brought these to a Movie night for youth group, and they were gone 3/4’s of the way through the movie! My friends brother had 17 of these! These take quite a while to make, so give yourself plenty of time. Here are our pictures:

The chocolate dough

The peanut butter dough balls

The chocolate dough balls

The chocolate and peanut butter balls before being rolled together

Rolling the cookies in the sugar.

The cookies before going in the oven

They’re done!!!!

Bonus Pic:

The inside of the cookies! Yummo!




One Response to “Tis The Season For Holiday Baking:Part 1:Pictures”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Looks yummy! David loves peanut butter and chocolate anything!

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