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Things I Love ♥ March 23, 2011

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So, I don’t have a recipe yet, but I’ll have one tomorrow or Friday. I figured I’d post about some of the things I love. Enjoy!

I love my God. I love being able to worship Him with my youth group, church families, and by myself.He amazes me all the time, through His Word, His creation, and His love!
I love nature. I love watching the sky, and climbing trees, and smelling flowers. God constantly amazes me at the beauty and the details of His creation!
As you can see, I take a lot of pictures of the sky! Which brings me to the next thing:
I love taking pictures! I take a lot of them, now that I have my own camera! I have the Samsung PL100, which has the double screen. I love being able to use it, and the screen fascinates some of my friends 😉
I love my friends! I love being with them, whether at church, the Boardwalk, Collide, the library, everywhere! I’m so blessed to have the amazing friends God has given me!

I love my family!

And I love cooking and blogging! 🙂


And my birthday is tomorrow! I turn 14! ♥


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