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New Year, New Start. January 2, 2012

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So….It’s been a while….once again. But hey, it’s a new year, and that means i can start fresh  and try again.

I came home from school today, and got on FAcebook. This is what I saw:

“Okay…2 new challenges for 2012: first, we will each post at least once a week on our blogs; second, we will each post a picture a week. Are you game??”

From the one and only Madre of mine. And i said, “Yeah I’m game!”

So, now i have to be faithful and post once a week at least. So i think this post will just be one to catch up with!


Freshman Year. We’re getting ready for Midterms next week, and getting ready to start the second semester. It’s going really great, and I have straight A’s in all 8 classes. I’m making a lot of new friends, and I have such a fun time with them! I’m also going to a Military Ball with a friend atthe end of January.

Church. A few weeks ago, our band went on a Band Retreat and we recorded songs for a CD. It was soo much fun!! Now we just have to wait for our Youth Pastor to finish the CD haha. Also, our band played for church yesterday, and we had a great time!

Other. Christmas was amazing, and New Year’s was a lot of fun too! We had a Guitar Hero “tournament,” and we did make it to midnight here. 😉 I get to go to Baton Rouge with some kids from school next weekend, and it’s gonna be fun! I got some cute boots from a friend, and I am almost addicted to Pinterest now too….great….haha.


Think that’s it for today, but keep me accountable!!


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