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Tortured. Scarred. Tiger-ed. January 11, 2012

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Game Day.











LSU vs. Bama…again. College-football shirt day at school, translated as LSU day for most kids at Southwood. And, being one of the few people who is not a fan of LSU, I was forced into LSU apparel during lunch. It was traumatizing to say the least. But I did make sure that my Colts lanyard was in plain sight for the picture, keeping my pride.

I sent this picture to my mom, and it got an immediate response of laughter and humorous texts. Then she uploaded it to Facebook AND hacked into my Facebook to change it into my profile picture. Thanks Mom.;) Then when LSU lost, she told me I jinxed them by wearing this, and i said, “See! This is what happens when you force someone into LSU stuff!!”

But I still have my pride and my dignity, and I’m still not a Tiger. Success? I think so 🙂


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