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Projects and Prices(: July 26, 2012

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So, my mom finally did it. She convinced me to sell my desserts.

I told her if I did, I was saving up to go one one of our church missions trips this year. Which means I have a looooooooong way to go, especially if I want to make it to Honduras myself.

So here’s the choices so far, and prices will come up shortly:

-Cookie dough/Peaunt butter cups
-Cookie dough/Peanut butter hearts
-Ultimate Brownies
-Cookie dough balls
-Cake balls/Cake pops

If you have any other suggestions for treats to sell: Facebook me, Text me, or comment on this and let me know!! Mom and I will price things ASAPP(As soon as physically possible).














I even decorated a pretty jar to keep my savings in(:

-Honduras, here i come! 2013♥




One Response to “Projects and Prices(:”

  1. Christi Says:

    Good Luck!! I hope you make a lot of money for next year! Good job mom!

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